Armando Carnevale is a young designer of Italian origin born in Lugano, the city where

he has grown and where he is working.

He is the founder of Studio ArCa and a collaborator of family firm Carnevale SA.


After completing the education as 

draftsman in architecture and after working

for the Camponovo Architects Studio

of Lugano, he decided to study Industrial Design, by specializing in Product Design.

Over the years, thanks to Internships and projects, he has acquired specific expertise in the fields of Furniture and Automotive Design. Furthermore, in relation to the Civil Protection service, he has become a Specialist in

the Protection of Cultural Heritage.


Studio ArCa is born from the very strong desire to combine in the daily work independence and passion. The attention spend to customers needs and to details

ensures high quality results.


Thanks to the skills acquired over

the years and to the collaborations

with companies and professionals

active in the fields of Industrial Design

and architecture, Studio ArCa can

offers Design, Technical & Commercial

Consulting, as well as ergonomics

analysis and product engineering.


Furthermore, the Studio provides

3D Modeling, Rapid Prototyping,

Rendering, Photo Insertions, Product

Packaging and Graphic Design.

Studio ArCa of Armando Carnevale

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